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Use of Cutting Machine

2013-12-20 20:44:42

Cut foot machine, shearing machine or cut foot machine, according to the difference of regions, but have different names. Then how about the correct use of cutting machine feet? Must first carry on the adjustment of the machine, the process is as follows:

1, confirm the machine shell grounding is good, can be plugged in.

2, the double track to maximum, 8# inner six angle wrench counterclockwise unscrew cover screws, remove the blade cover with a soft clean cloth knife blade, a blade seat, and the inner and outer clean. Then the blade gently on the knife seat (flat side up) then the blade cover cover the blade, used in 8# six angle wrench clockwise screw cap screw. When you use the knife blade loading unloading random with the rod fixed knife seat.

3, the hand wheel adjustment, adjust the guide rail between the width, the substrate is the need to cut foot each a piece on the guide exit end, a hand wheel is rotated until the ends of substrate slide on the guide rail in a snug fit.

4, the rail top of the gland with four groups (n = three) combination screw, used to adjust the substrate thickness, when adjusting screw loosen high three of them, into the substrate and then adjusting screw until the next two low, suitable for the rear fastening screw of, four sets of operating the same substrate, to slide on the guide rail is suitable to elastic.

5, cut foot height adjustment: tighten screw adjusting guide rail, the big nut, until the blade and guide spacing reach the requirement to tighten the guide screw. Do not let down between the rail and the blade has any friction so as not to damage the blade.

Use then is cut foot machine: the completed circuit board welding process, cutting machine feet to adjusted the end on, along the rail into the mouth, into the guide rail. Then push the plate carrying handle, push forward the uniform substrate. Finally, repeat the 1.2 step, the substrate has good welding cutting. In this way, cutting machine feet and ready for use.

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