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  • Product Name :Transistor magnetic beads group installed

  • Product Type :CR-901

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Does the software was designed to control, touch screen man-machine interface operation, be clear at a glance, parameters
Easy setting.
Does full automatic control, vibration plate automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic molding, automatic set foot magnetic beads, since
Fixed point glue, automatic blanking a complete division of labor.
Does can save manpower, and improve efficiency, reduce the cost.
Does the speed is adjustable, automatic induction control, manual operation can be automatically easy to learn and adjust machine.
Does the whole machine adopts integral structure, compact easy to handle;Mould for combined mode
, easy to change.
Can be customized according to customer need to design the mental forming method. 
※ adopts imported from Japan CKD cylinder CKD solenoid valve drive, durable, into
Mould, cutting tool select SKD - 11 imported from Japan.
Does apply to products: bulk, tubes of transistors (COM) automatic molding set of magnetic beads.
Production speed: 30-60 PSC/Min
Power source: 220 v / 50 hz
The use of air compressor: 4, 5 kg/cm2
Mechanical size: W900 L800 * * H1300 (mm)
Weight: 150 kg